Many people have asked me what I have been doing in the way of photography these past few months. So I thought it would be best to give everyone an update on my #Lightstalking craft and vision.

For 2018, I want to step outside the digital world. I want to get back to “my roots” so to speak and work with film, small and medium format [35mm and 120mm]. Why? Well, digital is nothing like film. I started my photographic life personally and professionally with film. I have honestly not photographed with film since 2002-16 years ago. That was a business decision I had to make to keep up with the new trends in the professional photography industry. Lately, I got to thinking about my creativity and challenging myself, pushing my creativeness further. I felt that I turned my back on my old friend film and decided that I should give film some much needed attention.

Today’s world is full of instant gratification and digital photography is wonderful medium for that purpose. Being able to photograph an event, portraits, landscapes, etc. and then being able to look at what you have captured at the same time is great; we can certainly get excited to see what we have created instantly. We have gotten ourselves spoiled with instantaneously being able to grab an image and post it to our social media outlets.  Don’t get me wrong, I get a kick out of posting images from trips, social outings and the like. There is nothing wrong with that.

With film you must practice patience-the ability to delay gratification and wait quietly for your film to be processed!

One of the challenges with using film is that you do not have the freedom to change from color to black and white or use a different ISO (how sensitive your film is to light or digitally your camera’s sensor). If you choose to load up black and white film you are kinda stuck with that decision and you can’t change mid roll. This makes you really think and plan out what and how you photograph.

fullsizeoutput_1b9dfullsizeoutput_1b94fullsizeoutput_1b95fullsizeoutput_1b97fullsizeoutput_1b93I just want to take my photography back to a level of fine art, something that I feel that is best achieved with good old-fashioned  film. I look forward to sharing my film project with you in the coming days. Stay tuned… and be patient, the best is yet come!

-S 2/25/18



2 thoughts on “#CreativeAnarchy

  1. Jane says:

    Love these!!! Great job, as if we could expect anything less from you!!’ You are beyond talented!!! Honored to learn from you!!!! Thank you for sharing with all of us!!!


  2. Marie Schacht says:

    I have enjoyed your “instant gratification” photos so much. It will be fun to see what your from-film photos are. Good luck. Love you and Jamie


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